The conference was held in Vienna, August 23-26, 2022, as a hybrid conference with full online participation options in all talks and discussions.

The detailed programme, including abstracts of the keynotes, symposia, and the over 200 accepted papers, and all practical information is available here. You can find our list of keynote speakers here

Interdisciplinary contributions are strongly encouraged. This year, the conferences focuses particularly on psychological, behavioural economics, and applied perspectives. 


Topics include:

·       Social action and collective action

·       Shared, collective, and corporate responsibility

·       Collective thought, intention, and emotion

·       Trust, cooperation, and competition

·       The nature, evolution, and functioning of social norms

·       The ontology of the social world, esp. social kinds (e.g. race or gender) and social structures

·       The structure of institutions, firms, and organizations

·       The ontology of economics